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Body Rhythm Physiotherapy clinic Wattle Grove.

Our Wattle Grove Clinic opened in 2017 where we have been working together with the Wattle Grove Medical Centre to deliver top quality care. We area available to treat all muscular conditions from saw backs and necks to post operations recovery and sports insurance. All workers compensations, DVA and motor vehicle claims are welcome!

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Khang Nguyen is the Full Time Physiotherapist at Body Rhythm Physiotherapy in Wattle Grove.

Khang completed his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Curtin University as the musculoskeletal system is something that Khang is passionate about and has always had a devoted interest in. He is trained in massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and exercise rehabilitation. Khang strives to provide all his patients with high-quality care and is always looking to broaden his clinical skills with the latest up-to-date evidence.

He understands that everyone is unique in their own way and will require a treatment program that is appropriate for them. He believes that aside from manual therapy, a key component to treatment success is the clinician’s ability to communicate with their patient. Efficient communication ensures that each treatment is specifically tailored to the patient’s own level of physical activity, allowing them to perform to their peak functional demands.

Outside of physiotherapy, Khang is an avid practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has also been involved with other various martial arts for the past 10 years. Beyond his clinical and training life, he also has interests in photography, the Japanese art of bonsai, travelling and spending quality time with friends and family.


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